Why Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting and Water Cutting

Discover why UHP could work for you

Providing a NEW solution to saving costs on waste disposal

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When ultra high pressure water jetting and water cutting equipment (up to 3000 bar) is used for the right application, in the right circumstances and in the right way – then it can be the right solution to solve your cleaning problems – in so many ways.

Ultra high pressure is used for many applications and can SAVE you time, energy and MONEY.

With no need for chemicals or other cleaning methods such as sand blasting or burning, your waste disposal costs can be dramatically reduced.

How much do you spend on waste disposal? Let us prove to you how you can save substantial sums by changing your cleaning methods and reducing your waste disposal costs.


Ultra high pressure water jetting and water cutting is greener than you think. As described above, this cleaning method uses simply water and it is very effective.

By just using water – there is no chemical cleaning using hazardous thinners and therefore no chemical waste, no abrasive media is used so no damage to surfaces or component parts, and no blasting or burning which changes the form of the metal.

All of these alternative, some may say ‘traditional’ methods, can and do cause damage to surfaces, components and produce hazardous waste.

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For instance, cleaning the component parts of the machinery used in injection moulding. Traditionally, these very expensive parts are cleaned using burning methods which can cause untold damage to the surfaces and render the parts useless – this method changes the form of the metal. Clearly these parts are extremely costly to replace on an ongoing basis. By using the UHP water water jetting and water cutting method, the procedure is faster, more effective, does not damage the surfaces and prolongs the life of the parts, saving time, money and energy.

Another example of a difficult surface to clean is galvanised metal. UHP cleaning methods can remove paint from zinc protected metal without damaging the galvanisation.

The examples and many and interesting – if you think UHP may be the solution for your industry, please let us know, we are glad to help.