Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting and Water Cutting Applications

Ultra high pressure water jetting and water cutting is, for some applications, a new way of cleaning – a different process which, by simply using cold water at ultra high pressure, provides a superb result without damage to the surface. It’s a proven process; it’s efficient and because there are no chemicals or blasting involved – it can save you £ thousands in the ever increasing cost of disposal. That has to be worth your consideration.

windfarm ultra high pressure cleaning-wind power airports ultra high pressure cleaning airports ultra high pressure cleaning rust line during ultra high pressure cleaning conctrete screw ultra high pressure cleaning spindle ship ultra high pressure cleaning ship

Paint stripping fuselage surfaces back to bright metal, removal of grease, rubber and hydraulic fluids from runways

Bakery oven components
Cleaning of the components used in the large scale baking industry. No chemicals involved in the process.

Concrete preparation
Cleaning concrete surfaces prior to application of paint, protective coatings etc for example removal of paint from swimming pool interiors.  This UHP method successfully removes the problem of having to remove sand waste from a pool interior, the usual result of sand blasting. Ideal for both private and municipal pools.  Just one application example from many applications in concrete preparation.

Galvanised surfaces
Paint removal from zinc without damage to the galvanised surface

White line and road marking removal without damaging tarmac surfaces

Injection moulding parts cleaning
Cleaning component parts of injection moulding equipment to an exemplary level, without damage to the surfaces, and using simply water where heat treatments could change the structure of the components

Removal of marine growth, barnacles, paint and rust on boats and ships – decks, hull and ballast tanks.  The UHP method can be successfully be used in dry dock situations which has the advantage of not blocking up pumps with sand as a result of a sand blasting method.

Metal cutting
Can be used in certain situations as an efficient, safe and dust-free means of cutting metals.

Metal processing
Removal of mill scale, rust and weld slag from new vessels, tanks and piping

Cleaning of machinery and vehicles, runways

Oil rig on site maintenance and surface preparation prior to painting, storage tanks, boilers, cold cutting, paint and rust removal.

Paint shop cleaning
Removal of paint from industrial paint shops for an effective clean, with less hazardous waste as no chemicals involved with paint stripping

Removal of carbon, residues in heat exchangers, soft polymers, cleaning of boilers, tanks, reactors, cooling towers, cold cutting and surface preparation

Cleaning of chemicals from pipes, kettles, tubes, heat exchangers, reactors, filters and evaporators

Power stations
Nuclear decontamination of fuel capsules, skips and equipment

Gypsum, potash, cement, line cars, remove grease, dirt and deposits in truck, undercarriage and tank cars. Removal of oil and materials from tanks, paint, rust and cement removal

Removal of paint coatings, wax, paraffin, grease, crude residues and rust. Removal of water scale, coke, hard carbon and polymers in heat exchangers

Submarine cleaning
Cleaning and preparation of submarine hulls

Surface preparation

Removal of paint, rust, rerfractory build-up, salts, concrete and marine growth

Tank cleaning
Whatever the shape or size of tank and regardless of the contents such as acids, alkaline, flammables or toxins, uhp cleaning is an ideal solution and forms part of the tank cleaning process

injection moulding cleaning ship ultra high pressure cleaning cleaning concrete cleaning ship ultra high pressure cleaning rust removal using ultra high pressure cleaning

Please enquire for more information – UHP Ltd can clean your component parts on site (if appropriate) or at our own specialist cleaning unit.