Falch - Trail Jet Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting and Water Cutting Equipment

Over the years, German company, Falch have a created a range of reliable, quality pressure washing machines - always innovative and in line with new technologies and working processes, Falch has earned a rightful place in the world of ultra high pressure water jetting throughout Europe and we are pleased to be associated with them in the UK.

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Falch Trail Jet - Self contained, trailer mounted, diesel powered machines:

Falch T3 Falch T5 T5H Falch T10/800
T3H T5/T5H T10/800
300 bar, 14kW
21 l/min, diesel
155°C hot water
200 l water tank
500 bar, 28 kW
28 l/min, diesel
Cold water/155°C hot water
200 l /400 l water tank
1000 bar, 28 kW
13 l/min, diesel
Cold water
200 l water tank
Ideal for:
Graffiti removal
Street cleaning
Façade cleaning
Pavement/patio cleaning
Ideal for:
Paint stripping
Concrete preparation
Façade cleaning
Industrial cleaning
Ideal for:
Industrial paint stripping
Concrete repair
Metal cleaning

Trail Jet 100
Trail Jet 100
2500 bar, 100 kW
20 l/min/ diesel
Cold water
400 l water tank
Ideal for:
Injection moulding component cleaning .
Large scale paint stripping back to bright metal.
Marine and offshore – ship/
submarine paint and rust removal.
Oil rig maintenance.
Tank cleaning.
Line removal from roads.
Metal cutting.
Concrete preparation.
Surface preparation.
… and much more


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