About Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting and Water Cutting

Established since 1989 and now the largest supplier of hot and cold pressure washing equipment in the south west of England - recognised as experts, FC Cleaning/UHP Ltd enjoys a first class reputation for providing a professional, friendly and efficient customer service. We supply high quality equipment from 100 bar right up to 3000 bar ultra high pressure for many types of applications where other cleaning methods have failed.


The equipment we supply is backed up by our own fully trained mobile engineering team providing your service and repair needs within 24 hours.

At UHP Ltd we provide expert advice to help with and answer all your technical questions, and where possible we will provide assistance by phone. Our qualified mobile engineers can be on site quickly for all your repair requirements, providing friendly and efficient service.

UHP cleans safely without damage to you, the surface or the environment. It’s greener than you think.

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Recognising that huge savings were to be made in the disposal of sand blast and other types of cleaning waste, UHP Ltd was established to supply ultra high pressure (up to 2500 bar) water jetting and water cutting equipment. The UHP method of cleaning provides an effective, safe process which is more efficient, cost and time saving and kinder to the environment.

Falch-cleaningFor instance there is no need to use chemicals for paint stripping i.e. cleaning industrial paint shops - UHP uses water alone for a superb clean which also produces less hazardous waste.
Less hazardous waste = less disposal costs.

UHP works without damage - even taking surfaces back to bright metal, removing concrete to expose steel rods or removing surface coatings, marine growth and rust from ship hulls.

Work safely. Without damage.

Your choice
Here we offer you a choice of water jetting and water cutting equipment – whichever suits your needs and your budget the best. As well as UHP we also have a range of equipment from 300 bar upwards both electric and diesel powered.

Click the photo to see the full range of machines we offer:



Training UHP operatorsUpon delivery of new equipment, full training for operatives is provided.

This is exceptionally important for the use of all high pressure water jetting and water cutting equipment and in particular in the case of UHP

– safety is of paramount importance for you and your team.

Additional information about UHP Ltd

UHP Ltd offer water jetting and water cutting equipment for sale or hire.

Registered company profile with the Ministry of Defence DCB Select Supplier Information web site.

ISO9000 accreditation pending.