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Ultra High Pressure Water Cutting and Water Jetting

Recognising a need in the market place for ultra high pressure cleaning methods, Ultra High Pressure Ltd supply a range of equipment including uhp machines from proven suppliers Falch, Karcher and Den-sin (a division of Nilfisk Alto). The range includes cold or hot water pressure washers, static or trailer mounted mobile equipment and diesel or electric powered.

Green cleaning

Ultra high pressure (in some industries known as ultra high pressure water jetting) can be used for many types of cleaning applications where other methods have failed. UHP uses just water – no chemicals, non abrasive - no blasting or burning. It is a safe, cost effective cleaning method.

The ultra high pressure water jetting machines are built with high quality diesel or electric engines always with environmental issues at the top of the agenda.

Because Ultra High Pressure water jetting equipment uses simply water, the waste produced is less hazardous, therefore waste disposal is safer and costs vastly reduced.

UHP Ltd supplies industrial high pressure water jetting and water cutting equipment in the south west of England serving industries such as marine and offshore, naval , highway, railroad, aviation, council, surface preparation, chemical processing, injection moulding, concrete removal and preparation, metal processing, tank cleaning and food processing.

The possibilities for ultra high pressure cleaning are, however, far reaching and new applications are brought to our notice each day. If you work in an industry where you think uhp cleaning may be appropriate, we would be pleased to hear from you.

We are happy to carry out tests either on site or at our own premises, depending upon what is to be cleaned.

You can use ultra high pressure washers for:

Tank cleaning, hull cleaning, marine growth removal, concrete preparation, concrete removal, white line removal, road marking removal, paint removal, rust removal, offshore maintenance, gypsum removal, grease removal, injection moulding component cleaning, nuclear decontamination as a part of the nuclear waste disposal procedure, returning surfaces to bright metal, hygienic food processing component cleaning…

…and many more applications, please enquire

UHP Ltd is a division of FC Cleaning Systems Ltd, the largest distributor of pressure washing equipment in the South West. With 25 years experience and an enviable reputation, FC Cleaning supplies and services a wide range of of equipment including pressure washers, steam cleaners and scrubbier driers.